COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision


City Occupational is now COL-AEGLIA

How colour blind are you?

You failed the Ishihara and anomaloscope tests and want to know how severe your colour deficiency really is. 
Do the CAD test!
The CAD test reports exactly which deficiency you have. Depending on the type and severity of your condition, you may still be eligible for a Class 1 medical or other occupations where colour vision is an necessity. 
This test is approved by EASA and FAA for commercial pilots and air traffic controllers.

Suffering from scatter light or glare vision?

If you have had laser treatment, eye surgery, lenses and you are experiencing excessive glare, we can measure whether your vision is within the acceptable range for EASA using the unique AVOT-scatter test.

AVOT Products - Becoming the Gold standard

The CAD test has now become the ‘gold standard’ for detection of congenital and acquired deficiencies and for establishing the severity of colour vision loss. However it is only one of several tests designed to assess different aspects of visual performance. There are other Advanced Vision and Optometric Tests (AVOT) developed and validated and offered by the centre to measure the quality of spatial vision, scattered light in the eye and the ability to see rapid flicker and motion perception.